Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to register for the site to submit for an audition?

Yes, you will register for ReadyCasting, including uploading a headshot and resume. This painless process can be completed in just a few minutes.

Do I need to re-register each time I want to submit for an audition?

No, you only need to register for ReadyCasting once. Your information is saved so that you can easily submit yourself for any subsequent projects.

What file format does ReadyCasting accept for headshots?

ReadyCasting accepts headshots as jpegs or pngs. All shots will need to be cropped square for the site, but the intuitive site registration tools make this a snap.

What file format does ReadyCasting accept for resumes?

You must upload your resume as a .pdf file. For help converting .doc (Microsoft Word) files to the Adobe pdf file format, visit Most application have a feature that enables you to print to pdf.

I’m casting an upcoming show/season – how can I use ReadyCasting to set up my own audition?

This functionality is not yet available, but we are hard at work behind the scenes to enable casting directors to build, schedule and accept submissions using our free tools.